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The offer-in-compromise program is offered by the I.R.S. to help taxpayers settle their tax liability for less than what they currently owe. This settlement is either in the form of a lump-sum offer or a payment plan. Either settlement is for less than what you currently owe. We provide the assistance to help you resolve your tax liability and properly fill out the offer-in-compromise form. We will help you determine if a lump-sum offer or payment is best and how much you should offer. Our tax debt resolutions also put a stop to garnishments, levies and liens. Please call us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you resolve your I.R.S. debts.
Offer and Compromise Success Stories for our past clients for dollar amounts they owed and the amounts we settled for:
Client Name Year Debt Settled Amount Owed Amount Settled For 
Debt Settlement List
Mushon  2009  $30,000  $1000.00
Terry & Claudia  2010  $15,000  $600.00
Jeff  2010  $12,000  $300.00
Danette  2010  $10,000  $500.00
Carol  2011  $45,000  $300.00
Kevin   2011  $17,000  $600.00
John  2012  $103,000  $1,200.00
Eileen  2013  $100,000  $600.00
Michael  2014  $63,565  $1,000
Todd  2015  $109,000  $600.00
Traci  2015  $109,000  $259.00


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